Harrier dinghy by Keith Callaghan
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The Harrier Dinghy

The Harrier dinghy was commissioned by Lancashire businessman and OK sailer Harold Smith in 1972. He felt he was getting too old for his OK, and so he asked me to design a fast and responsive singlehander which was stable, powerful and easy to handle. He set up a company to market the boat (Delta Dinghies Ltd) and the class had some success in the mid 70s, until 25% VAT and the Laser dinghy caused production to cease in about 1976. About 70 boats were built.

Principal Dimensions:
Length over all4.27 metres
Beam1.9 metres
Hull weight 105kg
Sail area 8.73 sq m
Portsmouth Number approx 1110
The designer sailing the Harrier, 1973

Young Keith sailing his Harrier in 1973

HARRIERS TODAY.A Harrier fleet briefly flourished at Whitby in recent years.
Harrier lines drawing
Harrier sailplan
Harrier hull drawings (3D)
Harrier Class Rules
Article from Yachting & Boating Weekly, published 7.02.73
Article by John Driscoll in Yachting & Boating Weekly, published 24.07.74
Article by Wendy Fitzpatrick in Yachts & Yachting, published 23.02.73
Photo of Lawrie Smith sailing the Harrier
Spar Dimensions
Plan of thwarts
Section through thwarts
Centreboard Case
Original sales literature (1972)
Harrier #10 sailing at Beccles Amateur SC, October 2011. Photo: Karen Langston

Harrier #10 sailing at Beccles Amateur SC, October 2011. Photo: Karen Langston

Patrick Blake sails the Harrier, 1972.

Click on the picture to see a movie of Patrick Blake sailing my Harrier at Pennington Flash, Leigh, Lancs, in the autumn of 1972.

In late 2018 I purchased a delapidated Harrier for £25 and refurbished it to its original specification.

I met Harold Smith again for the first time in 45 years.

The following photos are by Nikky Evans. Michael McNamara made the sail.

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