International 14s by Keith Callaghan
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The HAWK International 14

The original HAWK was a 4-plank design, commissioned by Vince Chiaramonte, of Annapolis Dinghy Store, Annapolis, Maryland, USA. (Even before the Internet era, my reputation as a racing dinghy designer had attained a global reach - mainly, I think, due to my design articles in various British sailing mags - special thanks go to Peter Cook, then editor of Yachts and Yachting.)
A cold moulded, round bilge version was built in the UK by Michael McTurk.

HAWK Mk1 Lines

Copyright K CALLAGHAN, 1973.

NO END - a Hawk 14 built in 1974 for Vince Chiaramonte, Annapolis, USA, by Anderson, Rigden & Perkins, Whitstable, Kent
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Last updated 3 April 2019