trailer-sailers by Keith Callaghan
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Support Policy

  1. Support is included as part of the package that you purchase with the boat plans.
  2. I will answer all reasonable questions about how to build my design. As the builder, you are responsible for acquiring sufficient general knowledge about boatbuilding before you start your project. Many good books and other sources of information are available, and I can recommend such information sources.
  3. The plans and other documentation that I supply are very detailed and contain a great deal of information. You do not get a step-by-step set of building instructions, however.
    It will be useful for you to go through the data thoroughly before you start the project. This will help to minimise mistakes and will speed up the actual construction. If you cannot find the answers in the documentation and drawings, I'm here to help, so please ask me.
  4. I will endeavour to respond promptly to your enquiries. However, I cannot undertake to be available at all times.

Contact Information

Keith Callaghan
Callaghan Design
7 Ramsey Road
tel +44 (0)7906 396403
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