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The first voyage of 'Antje'

"At 05:15 on May 1st we left Ribnitz, accompanied by 'Blue Lightning', sailing towards the dawn. This was the maiden voyage of 'Antje', our first BLUESTORM.

The wind was out of the east, force 4 but increasing, with squalls. Soon we put in the first reef, then the second. She was very responsive to any adjustment of tiller or sails - and she was fast, a sheer pleasure to sail.

The next few days were spent sailing the two 'Blues' in the coastal waters around the island of Rügen in the Baltic Sea. We are fortunate to have chosen this design and believe it exceeds our realistic expectations.

Keith, you must be as pleased as we are with BLUESTORM's performance - you have designed a superb vessel."

Heiner Förster.

Heiner Förster in Antje's cabin

(Heiner modestly does not mention his own role in the BLUESTORM project - particularly in the design of the interior and the layout and construction of the deck and coachroof.)

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