Xantia towing Blue Lightning

The definition of a trailer-sailer is something like:
"a sailboat that can be towed and launched/recovered by a car."
Most so-called trailer-sailers do not comply with this definition; they are simply too heavy and/or have too much draft .

Find out the answers to the following questions before you buy:

  1. What is the manufacturer's maximum towing weight for your car?
  2. What is your boat's published towing weight - and does it include the trailer and all gear? (Believe it or not, it often does not do so!)
  3. What is the depth of water required (at the trailer axle) to float your "trailer-sailer" off its trailer? If it's more than about 75cm then you will not be able to launch your boat with the trailer directly attached to the car.

I tow BLUE LIGHTNING behind a Citroen Xantia 1.9TD estate, so in my case the answers are as follows:

  1. 1500kg
  2. 1150kg including trailer and gear.
  3. 60cm (less, if I use the tilt-back facility on my trailer)