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This is the website of Keith Callaghan, trading as CALLAGHAN DESIGN. I have been designing and building racing dinghies and small yachts for nearly 60 years. My high performance sailing dinghies include the state of the art Merlin Rocket HAZARDOUS series and the HADRON singlehander series, including the HADRON H2 carbon composite singlehander. My small yacht designs have been developed for ease of use, light weight and excellent performance. All but the largest are easy to tow behind a 2 litre vehicle.

This website gives details of all my designs but please see my popular YOUTUBE CHANNEL for videos of many of them in action. The channel has already received more than 130,000 hits.


Follow the links to any of these designs:

Sports trailer-sailers L.O.A. towing weight (inc trailer) berths
BLUEEYES series 5.55m & 6.0m 850kg 2
BLUE SKIES 5.6m 1050kg 3
BLUE LIGHTNING 6.73m 1150kg 3
BLUESTORM 700 7.0m 1200kg 4
YY27 (BLUE FLAME) 8.2m 2100kg 2
BLUESTORM 900 9.0m 2300kg 4
BLUESTORM 800 8.0m 2000kg 2-4
BLUESTORM 750 7.5m 1900kg 2-4
High performance dinghies and dayboats L.O.A. description
NATIONAL MERLIN ROCKETS - "Hazardous" series 4.27m high performance 2-person dinghy
HADRON H2 4.20m high performance singlehander dinghy - CARBON COMPOSITE
HADRON H1 4.27m high performance singlehander dinghy - WOOD
BLUEMOTION 550 aka BM550 5.5m high performance dayboat
H480 4.80m ballasted 2-3 person dinghy
TSR 4.20m high performance singlehander riverboat
HIGHLIGHT 5.5m performance dayboat
HEATWAVE 4.27m high performance singlehander dinghy
HAZE 4000 4.00m ballasted singlehander dinghy
HAWKMOTH 3.35m International Moth dinghy
Utility dinghy
HUFFLER 2.70m Sailing or rowing pram dinghy
Non-current designs
NATIONAL MERLIN ROCKETS - my 1970s designs 4.27m high performance 2-person dinghy
NATIONAL TWELVES 3.66m 2-person racing dinghy
INTERNATIONAL 14s 4.27m High performance 2-person racing dinghy
HARRIER 4.27m GRP Singlehander racing dinghy
Other items
"trailer-sailer" - the term defined.
The Recreational Craft Directive - Its impact on DIY builders
LIVELY - my Yachting World Rambler
JORDAN BOATS can provide a complete set of plywood components, cut to exact shape and size, for any of my designs. Please contact me or Alec Jordan if you want to know more.


My designs all have the following features: full size berths, full sitting headroom, galley space, large self-draining cockpit, 'inboard' well for outboard motor, ballasted centreboard fully enclosed in hull when raised, true trailerability, and last but not least - excellent sailing performance.


My design career started with racing dinghies: mainly National Merlin/Rockets (about 110 of them were built), but also National Twelves, International 14s, and the Harrier single-hander. The design portfolio now includes several singlehanders and the latest HAZARDOUS series of Merlin Rockets.

Contact details: Address: 7 Ramsey Road, Hadleigh, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP7 6AN, U.K. Tel +44 (0)1473 823587. Email:

Xantia towing Blue Lightning
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